18-410 Metal Overshell Gold Continuous Thread Cap
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18-410 Metal Overshell Gold Continuous Thread Cap

These caps will work with a variety of bottle for packaging lotions, creams, spa products, cosmetics, and more.

Plastic cap with metal shell

For closures in addition to  Metal Overshell Cap, view the entire  Lids, Bottle Caps & Closures  collection online.
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  • 18-410

Neck size
Screw Cap

Smooth, metal shelled continuous thread cap with 18-410 neck finish and a foam liner.This polypropylene (PP) cap has a high tolerance for heat and is very durable. Foam liners are compatible with many substances, an economical option and can also be used to take up room on the top of the cap when the thread of the neck is not high enough to achieve a tight closure. Liners are an important aspetc. of every continuous thread cap and products should best tested with the cap to determine which liner will be the best fit.  

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