5 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Closure
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5 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Closure

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5 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Closure

In order for Qingrun plastic to provide the right capping solution, we need to understand your specific packaging needs and bottling process. Here are 5 questions we ask to determine the caps and liners for your project.

1. What type of closure is required for the bottle?

Functionally speaking, they are categorized as sprayer, dropper, lotion pump and airless pump.

2. What is the finish of the bottle neck?

Caps and neck finishes are generally standardized. A bottle and its corresponding cap must have a matching finish.

3. What color do you want the cap to be?

We usually stock white and universal, but we can also customize the color to match the bottle.

4. How many do you need?

Depending on the cap/liner you choose and the quantity needed, we may have the caps you need in stock and ready to ship. The larger the order, the lower the price.

5. What type of liner is needed for the closure?

There are many lining materials to choose from. The most common are foil, foam, heat sensitive or a combination. The choice can be based on product type, container material and sealing requirements.

If you have other requirements, such as customized logos and special processes, please contact us!




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