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Airless pump bottles how it works

Airless bottles do not have suction tubes, the piston in the bottle moves upward, creating a pressure that pushes the product out without letting air in, thus reducing contamination and avoiding product exposure to air. Airless containers are refillable and reusable.

2023 02-21
Surface treatment process of aluminum

Anodic oxidation can enhance the physical properties of aluminum, and can also color the surface of aluminum to increase its aesthetics, which is suitable for use in high-grade packaging, such as aluminum airless bottles, perfume caps, cream bottle caps, jar lids, aluminum cream jar and other cosmetic packaging.

2024 03-13
The Perks of Airless Cosmetic Bottles

How can cosmetics be preserved to avoid deterioration? Many of the raw materials in cosmetics are nutrients for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, which will grow and reproduce in large quantities under suitable conditions. So when preserving cosmetics, you must pay attention to sealing and try to avoid the intrusion of sunlight, air and moisture. Airless cosmetic bottles can extend the shelf life of cosmetics and ensure their quality and effect. So let's take stock of the advantages of airless bottles.

2023 02-21
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