Airless pump bottles how it works
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Airless pump bottles how it works

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Airless pump bottles how it works

Airless packaging technology is a new concept, it provides a safe packaging for the product empty ware, to avoid contact with the air, reduce the most likely changes and oxidation occurs, especially the need to protect and delicate natural ingredients, in the absence of added preservatives, the vacuum packaging for the prolongation of the product shelf-life is more important.

How Airless Bottle Work

Airless bottle is generally composed of Airless pump, Airless bottle  (base, piston, bottle) supporting the principle of its design is to press the start of the Airless pump head, and do not let the air into the bottle, resulting in a Airless state, the use of atmospheric pressure to push the bottom of the bottle piston forward, so as to achieve the purpose of dispensing the material body.

airless pump bottles how it works

Compared to standard pumps, straws, etc., the vacuum packages are smooth to use, have a fixed dosage, and provide precise dosage control.

It is able to dispense the product inside the package at any position and angle.

Airless bottle decoration

At present we can do in the Airless packaging on the decorative process are: plating, printing, hot stamping, labeling, aluminum oxidation and so on.

Aluminum oxidation to increase the metal texture of the product, through the oxidation process can produce a variety of colors, so that the cosmetic packaging is more gorgeous, the use of metal products in cosmetic packaging, is the embodiment of the brand.

Airless Bottle (3)

When purchasing airless bottles, choose the right capacity and design for your product needs, with possible customization options such as printing, painting and plating to give the product its own style to shine in the market.




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