Selecting a Lids, Bottle Caps & Closures
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Selecting a Lids, Bottle Caps & Closures

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Selecting a Lids, Bottle Caps & Closures

When selecting a closure for your container, there are many factors to consider in terms of material, size, shape, use and appearance based on specific usage needs and container characteristics. For example, how the product should be dispensed, whether the package needs additional protection and the overall style you want to achieve. As always, be sure to test your products with packaging and closures to ensure compatibility.

Neck finishes

It is important that your caps fit correctly on the bottle or jar neck finish to obtain a proper seal. Threaded or continuous thread closure sizes are indicated by two numbers separated by a hyphen or slash (e.g. 20/410, 20-400). The first number (e.g., 20) is the millimeter diameter measured on the inside of the cap opening or on the outside of the bottle threads. The second number (e.g. 410) refers to the thread pattern. For more information, please visit our Cap and Neck Finishes information page.

Gasket Type

Selecting a liner is an important part of the bottle cap selection process. Some liners tend to be more resistant to chemicals than others, while other liner material types are better suited for moisture resistance. Some of the more popular liner types include PE, PV (polyethylene based), PS22 (plain or printed pressure sensitive), induction liners and Polyethylene Seal™ cone liners. Always test your products with the liner of your choice to ensure they are compatible.

Cap Types

Threaded Caps

Threaded Caps

Threaded caps have uninterrupted internal screw threads designed to match the neck finish of compatible containers. They can be rotated open or closed as needed for a tight seal and ease of use, and threaded caps are available in a variety of styles and materials.

pumps Pumps

Pumps typically consist of a pump head, tubing, piston, spring, etc., dispensing equal amounts of high viscosity product. The pump is easy to use, simply press the pump head to pump and spray the lotion.



Sprayer usually consists of a sprayer, pipe, nozzle, etc. It is used to spray liquid cosmetics into a mist-like substance and is generally used for low-viscosity products.

Plastic & Glass Dropper

  Plastic & Glass Dropper

These closures it consists of a cap, tube and dropper and can be used to easily control the drip in and out of liquids. Glass drip caps usually have a cap made of plastic or metal and can be customized with a thin glass tube on top of the cap.

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