18/410 Eco-friendly Bamboo Mist Sprayer with Clear Overcap
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18/410 Eco-friendly Bamboo Mist Sprayer with Clear Overcap

This Fine Mist Fingertip Sprayer with Overcap has a number of parts (From Top to Bottom): clear overcap, spring-loaded pump, cap, and the dip tube.
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  • 18/410

The sprayer is a 18-410 bamboo skirt fine mist sprayer with clear outer cap.The sprayer has many parts: dip tube, cap, spring loaded pump and black outer cap. The sprayer is mounted on a matching container with the soaker tube located at the bottom of the bottle. When the pump is depressed, the product is discharged as a spray. The nebulizer is equipped with a clear plastic cap to prevent accidental discharge of the product. This cap fits containers with 18-410 finishes on the neck.

Discharge Rate
Closure decoration options
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