What are the main types of cosmetics packaging?
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What are the main types of cosmetics packaging?

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There are many types of cosmetic packaging, depending on whether the product is lotion, powder or liquid.

The most common types of cosmetics packaging include: bottles, jars, tubes.

1. Bottles

Bottles are widely used in cosmetics because they have different sizes, shapes and materials to fit a range of products including moisturizers, cleaners and toners.

Plastic bottles are the most used because they are light weight, but they can also be made of glass as well as other materials such as bamboo or porcelain.

Different from plastic, glass has good chemical stability, generally does not react with the product chemically or biologically. However, glass is fragile and high cost. Therefore, glass is mostly used for high-end liquid cosmetics or cosmetics with special properties.

2. Jars

Jars are commonly used for face creams, gels and cosmetics, such as facial masks and lip balms.

Usually made of glass,metal or plastic (such as PP, PET), jars can be in a variety of sizes to accommodate different quantities of products as required.

3. Tubes

Tubes are usually used for products with high viscosity, such as film cream products, hand cream, conditioner and toothpaste. and has a variety of shapes and pipe types, some can add pump heads.

They can be made of plastic or metal, and aluminum is easily recycled and widely used.

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