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What we do

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What we do

We are focusing on the leading trend of packaging fields of plastic and glass cosmetic,skin care,perfume,medical ,pharmaceutical and other accessories.

With advanced technology and high-end equipment, all of our cosmetic products are made with the highest quality. To guarantee lowest defect rate, we do quality control before shipping to our customers.

Get your artwork done in shortest time with our in house design team. Send us your artwork or concept, we will provide the complete representation of your artwork on the chosen package.

Our sales team is experienced and able to provide you with 1 to 1 service guidance.We will respond to all questions and solve customers’ problems before, during, and even after the sale periods.

Contact us
Qingrun Plastic is a leading manufacturer&trading company of cosmetic, beauty, and medical packaging, we know exactly what our clients need and provide branding and design assistance to meet market trends.
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