15ml Clear Airless Pump Bottle With Gold Over-Cap
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15ml Clear Airless Pump Bottle With Gold Over-Cap

luxury airless cosmetic dispenser bottle made from quality AS. Finished with Aluminium rims and comes with a polished Aluminium push on cap, Aluminum parts can be customized into favorite colors and colors! The vacuum bottle can be printed, painted and plated.Our airless bottles range in sizes from 15ml, 50ml 80ml and 100ml.Vacuum bottle is very suitable for packing cosmetics, cosmetics and gel. Just fill the airless pump bottle and screw on the airless pump assembly to realize the propellant free distribution.
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  • 15ml

Capacity: 15 ML

Clear Bottle,Gold Aluminium Base & Cap,Gold Aluminium Collar

Metric Dimensions (W X H):27 MM X 111 MM

Printing selection: Hot stamping printing ,silkscreen printing,label sticker and so on( Quantity more than10000pcs)

Surface treatment:Frost,Chrome,Blue metallic, UV painting color or oil

Our polished finish airless bottles are truly stunning and great for housing your high-end and professional cosmetic creams. Suitable to for housing your hair serums and treatments, cream make-up, anti-aging creams, moisturisers, foundations and more.

The airless technology works by creating a vacuum effect within the bottle. Created as the pump is pressed. product up through the pump head and dispensed. There is no dip tube needed, so there is less chance of product contamination. The action also draws any oxygen from the bottle once filled with product. Which in turn increases the shelf life of your product. Our airless bottles are ideal for preservative free or natural ingredient based products.

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