What is an airless bottles?
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What is an airless bottles?

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What is an airless bottles?

What is an airless bottles?

Airless bottles do not have suction tubes, the piston in the bottle moves upward, creating a pressure that pushes the product out without letting air in, thus reducing contamination and avoiding product exposure to air. Airless containers are refillable and reusable.

Types of Airless Bottles

We have a variety of airless bubble bottles, differentiated by pump head, airless pump bottles, airless pump jars or airless spray bottles, these can meet your cosmetic packaging needs.

Airless Bottle (3)

Airless Pump Bottles

Airless pump bottles are a specialized combination of vacuum technology and lotion bottles designed for the storage and use of lotion products. Airless pump bottles can effectively reduce air exposure and prevent oxidation and contamination of lotions by oxygen and other external factors.They also have a compact design and good sealing performance, making them suitable for carrying and traveling use. You can put them in your handbag or suitcase and use the lotion anytime.

airless spray bottle (3)

Airless Spray Bottles

Airless spray bottles are a special type of spray bottle that combines vacuum technology with a spray mechanism. Utilizing vacuum technology effectively reduces the exposure to oxygen, thus prolonging the freshness of liquids. This is very useful for preserving liquid products that are prone to oxidation (e.g., lotions, perfumes, etc.). Airless spray bottles usually have a good seal and can be sprayed forward and backward without failing to spray because the liquid cannot reach the spray tube. This makes them suitable for carrying and traveling use without worrying about spilling or leaking liquids.


Airless Jars

Airless jars use the same airless technology as airless pump bottles. When pressed, the internal piston rises and pushes the product out of the second center dispensing disc located at the top of the canister. This design ensures that only the product intended for use at the time is exposed to air, with the rest of the product remaining in the airless chamber without the need to insert fingers into the container. This greatly reduces the risk of oxidation and the introduction of bacteria that could cause product spoilage. Airless jars are perfect for thicker creams, gels and lotions.

When purchasing airless bottles, choose the right capacity and design for your product needs, with possible customization options such as printing, painting and plating to give the product its own style to shine in the market.





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