Inventory of the benefits of cosmetic airless bottles
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Inventory of the benefits of cosmetic airless bottles

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Inventory of the benefits of cosmetic airless bottles

What are the benefits and advantages of cosmetic airless bottles among cosmetic packaging materials? So let's take an inventory of the following.

1.Cosmetic airless bottles can prevent sensitive products (such as natural skin creams, serums, foundations and other creams formulated without preservatives) from being exposed to air. Many skin care products contain ingredients such as proteins, and some amino acids, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that are easily contaminated by bacteria, so they must be kept clean. If contaminated, it can cause harm to the body. Harmful substances. Airless bottles can isolate the contents from the air, will not easily oxidize with the air, and will not lose some of the original effect. Thus, they are protected by extending their service life by 15% more. This makes airless technology the new future of cosmetic, beauty and medical packaging.

2. Cosmetic airless bottles do not have a draw tube, there is a free moving piston at the bottom of the bottle. The working principle is that when the user presses the pump, the air inside the bottle is expelled, which creates a airless effect, and then some pressure is used to move the piston inside the bottle. Pulling the product upwards. Consumers can use almost all products without leaving any waste and they don't have to worry about the standard pump not applying to many products.

3. In addition to protecting your formulations and extending shelf life, the airless bottle provides branding. It's a high-end packaging solution with a variety of designs to suit your aesthetic niche.

Provides a double layer of extra protection and also creates a luxurious look.

Clear plastic walled bottles that display the color of the product are perfect for premium foundation creams.

Therefore, it can be seen that the benefits of using bottle packaging are so many,it will be widely used, and as the need for this kind of packaging, you must choose a professional manufacturer to ensure the quality.

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