The Perks of Airless Cosmetic Bottles
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The Perks of Airless Cosmetic Bottles

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The Perks of Airless Cosmetic Bottles

How can cosmetics be preserved to avoid deterioration? Many of the raw materials in cosmetics are nutrients for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, which will grow and reproduce in large quantities under suitable conditions. So when preserving cosmetics, you must pay attention to sealing and try to avoid the intrusion of sunlight, air and moisture. Airless cosmetic bottles can extend the shelf life of cosmetics and ensure their quality and effect. So let's take stock of the advantages of airless bottles.

Airless cosmetic bottles utilize the principle of vacuum pressure, using atmospheric pressure to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward, blocking air and external bacteria, avoiding contact between the product and the air, thus extending the shelf life of cosmetics. The freshness of the product is maintained even when the bottle is almost used up, unlike traditional bottles where the contents may end up drying out or losing quality due to exposure to air.

It has a smooth pumping mechanism that also provides precise dosage control for natural skin creams, serums, foundations, and more.

These bottles efficiently dispense the product down to the last drop, thus greatly reducing product wastage.

Airless cosmetic bottles are usually made of high quality materials and the bottles range from a minimum capacity of 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml to 100 ml and can be reused after these bottles have been used up. Airless cosmetic bottles are becoming more and more popular due to their convenience.

So it can be seen that the benefits of using airless bottles are very many, so it will be widely used, and as a customer who needs this kind of packaging, must choose a professional production company to ensure the quality.




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