The future of modern liquid dispensing pumps
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The future of modern liquid dispensing pumps

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The future of modern liquid dispensing pumps

Dispensing pumps are an important tool for the accurate and efficient dispensing of dispensing liquids and viscous materials. They are commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics and chemical processing. Brand owners choose the right pump for their product characteristics and usage needs.

Our company can offer this range of dispensing solutions covering everything from shampoos and body creams to hair care products and hygiene products.

Dispensing pumps can cover a large number of marketing product areas, including;

Cream pumps

Spray pumps

Lotion Pumps

Foaming pumps

Trigger Spray

Mini Trigger Spray

Crimp Pumps

Mini Spray Bottle

Dropper Bottles

Top dispensers


View all here.

The main advantage of conventional dispensers is that almost all liquid products can be emptied from the container. But lacking in long-term product preservation and extended shelf life, are airless pump bottles a good alternative solution?

Is The Future Airless?

Airless bottles are always hermetically sealed, even for dispensing. This is due to the fact that the contents are under a sealed vacuum. The contents of an airless product stay fresh because it is not exposed to air. This extends the consumer's shelf life by up to 15%. Airless pump technology is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of product dispensing.

Airless bottles can be made into luxury finishes with decorative options because they look stylish. Airless bottles are the first entry point for brands to own luxury cosmetics.


If you would like further information on what dispensing pump would best suit your product. Please give one of our account managers a call today for a friendly discussion.

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