Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging - Plastic Spring Pumps
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Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging - Plastic Spring Pumps

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Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging - Plastic Spring Pumps

Sustainable cosmetic packaging is a design or material that has been developed to meet certain environmental standards. These sustainable packaging designs are designed to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills and to reduce the use of energy and resources required for production.

Today we introduce a new spring pump that uses plastic external plastic springs instead of the original steel wire springs and plastic valves instead of the original glass beads and steel beads, and the plastic raw materials used can be mixed with PP.

Comparison Diagram

The difference between steel wire spring pump and plastic spring pump: steel wire spring pump contains a metal spring, steel wire in the production process added chemical composition and the cleaning and polishing chemicals used in the production process, are inevitably harmful to the human body heavy metals, the pump liquid contact with the spring and then contact the human body will cause some harm to the human body, affecting health problems, the spring pump also contains a glass bead accessories, the entire pump After use, if you recycle the second use, you need to dismantle and pick up the plastic, steel wire spring and glass beads and other parts of the pump, the cost of recycling is very high, incineration will cause air pollution, burial will cause geological environmental pollution, bringing great inconvenience to the environment of human survival. The plastic spring pump adopts the plastic spring and PP material to blend with the valve instead of glass beads, so the whole pump only needs to be separated from the bottle body after use (when the bottle body material is different, it needs to be separated, but the bottle body is also the same PP material, then it does not need to be separated), and it can be recycled directly after crushing and sterilizing, which greatly reduces the problem of high recycling cost and environmental pollution.

Sustainable packaging is not only good for the environment, but also benefits your business by reducing costs associated with raw materials and disposal.

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