mini plastic and glass bottle with spray
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mini plastic and glass bottle with spray

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mini plastic and glass bottle with spray

Product Spotlight – mini plastic and glass bottle with spray

When packaging products that need spray, such as breath fresheners and perfume samples, choose plastic or glass vials with mini mist spray to provide functions and styles. Choose from various colors and sizes provided by Qingrun.

Mini plastic bottle with mist spray

The natural frosted plastic vial with natural fine mist spray is composed of polypropylene, Polypropylene has good heat resistance, grease resistance, oil resistance, etc. The mini mist spray has a smooth collar, and the output of each spray is 0.05-0.07cc/t. The attached transparent styrene cover makes the product more streamline. The tall and slender shape of these mini cylinders makes them easy to store in wallets, backpacks, and makeup bags, making them perfect for use on the go. The frosted finish on the plastic bottle has both fashionable appeal and translucency, allowing customers to clearly see the filling level of the product and container.

plastic spray bottles (1)

Glass vial with mini mist spray

Glass vials are very suitable for packaging a range of products due to their porous and impermeable structure. They also have the characteristics of high transparency and complete recyclability.


Aluminium Spray Bottle

The Aluminium spray bottle can be refilled with a spray. can also be used as promotional gifts for customers.

The shell of the high-quality atomizer is made of high-quality aluminum, and the internal glass is sturdy and durable. When you drop it, you don't have to worry about damaging its durability. The output of each spray is 0.06-0.07 cc/t. For common color, we have 30 styles for your choice. Perfume atomizer bottle with different surface can do customized color and logo.


When selecting these mini mist spray paired with glass or plastic vials, it is important to consider the consistency of the products allocated. Qingrun highly recommend testing your product to ensure compatibility

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