Product Spotlight-Luxury Aluminum Airless Bottle
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Product Spotlight-Luxury Aluminum Airless Bottle

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Product Spotlight-Luxury Aluminum Airless Bottle

Airless bottle can be used to contain lotion, essence, essential oil and other cosmetics. Airless bottle can make the contents and air can be completely isolated, to avoid product oxidation and deterioration due to contact with air, breeding bacteria, its high-tech features make the product quality more secure.


luxury airless cosmetic dispenser bottle made from quality AS. Finished with Aluminium rims and comes with a polished Aluminium push on cap, Aluminum parts can be customized into favorite colors and colors!

Our airless bottles range in sizes from 15ml, 50ml 80ml and 100ml. Just fill the airless pump bottle and screw on the airless pump assembly to realize the propellant free distribution.


Decoration Features 

Available inject custom color. 

Available silk screen printing or hot stamping. 

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