Product Spotlight- Disc top caps
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Product Spotlight- Disc top caps

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Product Spotlight- Disc top caps

Disc top caps are a popular choice for lotions, shampoos, conditioner and more, make it easy to dispense products easily when used with a range of plastic bottles. The toggle-type closure opens with a light amount of pressure to expose the orifice where the product can be dispensed.

PP plastic Disc top caps

The disc top cap is composed of polypropylene, which means it has a high heat tolerance level and an excellent resistance to fatigue.

Disc tops are available in different neck finish sizes and colors can be customized, so they have the flexibility to match a wide range of plastic bottles.

disc top cap

Here are some of the most common size:





Disc Top Cap with Aluminum Shell

Disc top caps also feature a two part construction. The inner disc top caps are composed of polypropylene, and the outer shell is metalized aluminum, which is lightweight and corrosion resistant.Aluminum material can be done in a variety of colors, with a high degree of aesthetics, electrochemical aluminum cover can play the role of the finishing touch.

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